As the research suggests that Less rigid CRP lesser is the Openness to experience and points out  that the development of autobiographical memory is intimately linked to children’s increasing capability to incorporate their memories into narrative forms according to Fivush. These “narrative forms” are provided by the culture, structured by parents, internalized by children in their participation in discourse about past events, and used by children to organize their own personal memories. If children are internalizing narrative forms out of these early conversations with parents, then they may also be internalizing a framework for evaluating personal experiences. According to Thompson Embedded within these conversations about the past are likely to be lessons about the self in the context of an emotional and moral framework and a child may adopt this framework for evaluating personal experiences. Perhaps as is obtained in this research, in rigid CRP the children get to evaluate their experiences by looking outside of their home and thus become more open to experiences and thus get their memory and other experiences validated.

Memory retention is very important for the child as most often than not he may be because of not liking a subject or not keen on pursuing studies tend to retain what they have learnt. Therefore, it is imperative for the child to enhance his memory and score well in exams. We at IPSSR help the child improve his memory with various scientific techniques, Psychometric Tests and Counseling. We work on them intensively and show them pragmatic techniques which they can use often, so that they can enhance their memory and retain things well. Most often than not memory is related to the application of Brain which comes from one’s attitude. A child liking towards some subject can alleviate his learning skills and memory and his dislike towards a particular subject can suddenly make him feel that he is unable to remember or understand. And it is here that we ensure the child understand the importance ok learning a subject and can also enhance his memory.