How Sensitive Am I?



1. I want to bring revolution in the world?

    a) True     b) Maybe     c) False

2. I get angry very fast

    a) Maybe     b) False     c) True

3. It pains me immensely to see people begging with a child

    a) Always     b) Sometimes     c) Never

4. I don’t say a lot of things even if I am right, as I know it will hurt others

    a) Maybe     b) False     c) True

5. Tears start rolling down my eyes whenever I see an emotional scene or a tragic movie.

    a) Never     b) Sometimes     c) Always

6. I feel like crying when I bid adieu to a friend

    a) Always     b) Sometimes     c) Never

7. I prefer helping the needy and working for NGOs rather than building my career

    a) Maybe     b) False     c) True

8. Corrupt politicians should be treated ruthlessly

    a) True     b) Maybe     c) False

9. We need to fight for our rights and must go to any extent to achieve them.

     a) True     b) Maybe     c) False

10. Life is too short to fight

    a) Maybe     b) True     c) False

11. I enjoy my life to the fullest no matter what the circumstances are.

    a) Sometimes     b) Always     c) Never

12. When someone fights with me, I try to relax and calm him.

    a) Never     b) Sometimes     c) Always

Give yourself: a-10, b-5, c-0 for Question no’s 1,3,6,8,9,12
Give yourself: a-5, b-0, c-10 for Question no’s 2, 4,5,7,10,11


You need to be more sensitive towards others and their feelings. You seem to be detached and not many things in life affect you emotionally. As you mature please remember corporate today are looking for people who can empathize and sensitize with their clients. You need to shift the focus from yourself to others and see how you can emotionally serve them. The time has come that things around you start to affect you, so that you can understand others more. Relationships at home, school or corporate are made on the basis of understanding which come from sensitivity.


You are emotionally quiet balanced which is very good. Continue regulating your emotions and you will see how you are appreciated. Being discreet in showing your emotions shows your maturity and patience in dealing with things. You are sensitive enough to understand and ‘let go’ things that are not in your hands. Keep regulating your emotions as you will be able to work towards pragmatic issues quiet effectively and sensibly.


You tend to brood on too many things and also take the minutest of things quiet seriously which should be avoided. In life, you need to maintain the balance between thinking and action, however you tend to think too much and too far which makes you emotionally vulnerable. You need to spend more time in action oriented activities rather than thinking. It is essential for you to understand the tandem between mind and body and if we abuse either of the things we are lowering our efficiency and in your case you are putting undue pressure on you mind related to things which others have accepted. Start Accepting things which you cannot do beyond a point rather than sulking.