Child Monitoring


Institute of Personality Stress and Spirituality Research Pvt. Ltd. (IPSSR) promoted by Dr. Kapil Kakar primarily is a research based organization started in the year 2000, dealing with individual Personality at micro level. It specializes and caters to never ending research on human development in the field of Emotional Quotient and crafting the subtle Personality, Perception, Preparing and Dealing with Board Exams and Entrance Test, Interviewing Skills and Uncertain situations which are becoming more uncertain for them, especially when these students are in the process of venturing in the corporate world.

IPSSR works as a catalyst through Dr. Kapil Kakar and other trained counselors to bridge the gap between the parent and the child. Apart from child counseling, Parent counseling also falls in our ambit. We assist in generating a perfect blend in Parent- Child relationship by eliminating all doubts, inhibitions and confusions.

Children are that special gift of Divine which every parent loves and enjoys, derives immense pleasure and motivation to make life more meaningful, primarily for the sake of the child. Children give spring in the strides of the parents by virtue of their innocence, love and their said and unsaid expectations and exuberance. Children are the one, oblivious of what the future is to unfold for them and we at Institute of Personality Stress Spirituality Research (IPSSR) help children unfold their future by not only taking them to the generic goals of Success and Happiness but helping them accomplish the desired specific goals scientifically.

Students are continually confronted with various daunting tasks and expectations and immense phobia of board exams, the pressure of not only clearing board exams but doing so with flying colours. The Peer and societal pressure of doing well failing which the perception of people changing about the child and further putting unsaid pressure on him. The nervousness and Anxiety increases with every passing day and month, as the examination time comes nearer more unprepared one feels and wishes if one could get more time to prepare. IPSSR helps your child to scientifically prepare throughout the year and helps him cope with such menace effectively.

The said trauma continues even after the board exams as one anxiously waits for the result and evaluating the probability of course or college one gets in. This also means relocating as one bids temporary adieu to his family members, than there are impediments in Adapting, Settling into new environment and diverse culture and un-highlighted   things like Ragging etc.

The Annual Package includes various Psychometric tests, Counseling sessions and Personality Development & Confidence Building workshops consisting of following contents.    

Student Development & Confidence Building Module

  • Developing Concentration
  • Memory Retention
  • Meditation
  • Self- Motivation
  • Self- Confidence Formula
  • Managing Stress
  • Auto Suggestion
  • Visualization
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

We at IPSSR closely monitor and assist your child’s needs through scientific tools and techniques like Psychometric test and on line/ Personal Counseling. This is even more felt for, with every passing day, the challenges are becoming even more challenging- Admission in Best of Colleges, Relocating and Hostels, Ragging, Managing Expectations, Performance Pressure, Environmental Uncertainty and Adaptability. As it is said “Good Managers are not born but are groomed” similarly our life situations and circumstances are also the result of our attitude and reactions which can be changed through Scientific Personality and Emotional Training, Psychometric Tests and Counseling. These techniques, ways and means are the only known way to counter and arrest these seemingly sublime threats.

This is where IPSSR helps your child. To progress and evolve rapidly by giving him the opportunity to share the constant uncertain threats he is exposed to. To make him learn and comprehend difficult situations by thinking laterally and empowering self, thereby creating the concept of self worth and problem solving.

Psychometric Tests

At times child himself does not know what s/he is going through. And this is not something unfounded. It happens to everybody however the faster an individual is able to exit the more effective one becomes. Psychological Assessment tests which play a role of evaluator and keeps measuring scientifically the progress of the child whether s/he is with or away from you. Some of the Test which would be conducted are given below.

  • Personality Test
  • Aptitude Test
  • Career Selection Test
  • Self Concept & Attitude Test
  • Learning and Memory Test
  • Intelligence and Ability Test
  • Perception Test
  • Creativity Test
  • Aspiration Test
  • Judgment Test
  • Aggression Test
  • Frustration Test
  • Stress Test
  • Motivation Test
  • Study Habit Test
  • Value Test
  • Emotional intelligence Test
  • Problem Solving Concept Promotion Test

Counseling & Visits

You and your child are welcome to visit us umpteenth times for psychometric testing and counseling in a year. Moreover we will give you 12 must attend sessions and 12 need based psychometric test to check the child’s progress.

100 hrs of PDP Workshop

Since we all are preparing the child to get ready for the real world the Corporate World with simulations, training etc. the child undergoes intensive 100 Hr workshop  which includes Self-development Modules, Corporate Communication and Emotional Quotient.

Corporate Communication                                          

  • Inter Personal and Intra personal Communication,   
  • Body Language and Postures,
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Voice Modulation and Expressions,
  • Listening Skills,
  • Probing Techniques

Emotional Quotient

  • Understanding Mind and its Potency,
  • Controlling Mind Techniques,
  • Assertiveness,
  • Empathy,

Out Door Training

We also do lot of outdoor experiential activities like Meditation, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Spider Web, Burma Bridge, Nature Walk, Indian Rope Magic etc to confront childs fears and make child realize innate potential.