Using Senses to find ideas

                                                      By Kapil Kakar

The solutions to all our problems lie within us. Oblivious to this fact, a person constantly seek answers from external sources without realising that besides him/her, no one else may be able to guide him/her in the right direction.

Sit with your spine straight and observe your breath. After a minute start inhaling and count the time that it takes for you to inhale fully (One can keep track of time by counting 1,2,3... and so forth. Now, retain your breath for the same amount of time that it took you to inhale. Release the breath again taking the same time to exhale. Repeat this for at least ten times. Become acutely aware of all the five senses - sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch - with your eyes closed.

Meditate on your problem by using all the five senses. For example, if you are planning to start a business, visualise, hear, feel, smell and taste the impediments which you feel are in your way. Now, start visualising your business running well. Listen to the voices of your customers placing orders. Taste the success and your growth with every passing day.

Smell the fragrance of the environment in your organisation; see yourself and your employees motivated. Touch and feel the satisfaction that you are getting out of your work. Visualise yourself surmounting the impediments. Think of one problem at a time. See yourself talking and convincing people who can help you resolve the impediment. Hear their queries and your logical and satisfactory answers. After finding solution to one impediment, move on to the next one. You may not be able to regulate and concentrate on all five senses for the first couple of days, however from the fourth day onwards you will start getting solutions to your problems. You will find that just by turning inward you will be able to come up with bright ideas which could not have come from someone else. 




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