Be your own judge

                                                          By Kapil Kakar

What you make of your life eventually will affect you, and no one else is bound to help you in that endeavour

All of us are unique individuals. We have our own unique natures, behavioural patterns and distinct worldview which influences the way we approach and realise our goals. That said there are common character traits between successful people. While your inherent nature is inborn, positive qualities can be imbibed and ingrained.


Erring on either side of caution can stymie your chances of making best use of the opportunities which come your way. The trick is a balancing act; take risks but do not be reckless. Analyse your situation and take calculated chances. Being paralysed by fear of failure will negate chances of success.


Faith has two dimensions; faith in yourself and your own abilities and in a belief system, religion and God. Both of these are essential to overcome obstacles in your pursuit of success. Confidence and conviction arise from your faith in yourself while faith in a higher power will support you in times of adversity.


Understand that the world does not owe you a thing. What you make of your life eventually will affect only you and no one else is bound or obligated to help you in that endeavour. Therefore do not wait around for things to happen or for life to guide you. Take control of your life and steer it where you want to. Be the captain of your ship.


Sensitivity towards others is perhaps the most enduring glue which will bond others to you. Treating everyone equally irrespective of their social or financial backgrounds and never being condescending will earn you respect from people who will support you when the time comes. Remember it is often not a savvy talker but an empathetic listener who is remembered by people. Do not try and bring people around to your views and opinions and respect everyone's legitimacy of spokesmanship.


Humility is not self disparagement. Being humble means simply standing in awe in front of all that you do not know. Humility opens the door to learning and is not e to be confused with meekness. The greatest people are always the most humble




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