By Kapil Kakar

Are we being governed or are we governing ourselves? This question must have knocked every individual mind at one time or another. Who should one blame or credit for poverty or richness respectively. Is it the individual responsible for his every act or is it God/ Nature, who is creating difficulties, pain sorrow and happiness as per his choice.

Certainly if it is God/ Nature then there is very little one can do or to be more precise nothing can be done about it. Apparently we are puppets in His hands. But on the second thought one fails to understand what pleasure is God deriving out by controlling us. What fun is he getting when he makes someone rich or poor? Why is he giving only some people the best of clothes, houses and food and keeping others without the same? This act is mostly seen in movies or real life. When a cunning king or egoist rich man, treats an ordinary man like an insect and rewards or punishes him with riches or death according to his whims and fancies. Everything depending only on his mood, attitude or whichever way he feels pleased without the ordinary man deserving neither of the too.

If one looks at the text of Bhagvad Gita one can certainly find the answer.




In the above texts God has clearly said that he is detached and neutral. He has stated that he is unconcerned about what individuals are doing. And if it is so then how can he control us. He further says that he is neutral and impartial. He does not influence or create circumstances for anyone whether it be a good or a bad act.

This makes one thing amply clear that God is not controlling and interfering in our life. It also makes another thing clear that if it is so then we are the masters of our living. We are all blessed with His free will and the onus squarely lies on us how we wish or want to use our free will. Therefore we are all responsible for our own circumstances or in other words our circumstances reveal us. And if that is so then there is no scope for luck and predestined fate. Luck can be defined, as someone getting something that he or she does not deserves. And one still insists on the luck factor then once again it makes God Partial, because as the actions are in our hands and not its results. The results are in the hands of God who is operating through His unbiased Laws, which we call the Laws of Nature.

Swami Rama in his book “Living with The Himalayan Masters” said “I was instructed by my master not to drink from or bathe in the water of Ganges with any idea that by doing so my sins will be washed off. One has to reap the fruits of his Karma. Learn to perform your duties skillfully without aversion or attachment, and do not believe that anything can wash off your bad Karmas”.

How true and logical it sounds otherwise it would be mockery of the Laws of Nature that one does something wrong and subsequently takes a dip in the Holy Ganges and his negative results or consequences are condone.

How can there be any lacunae or flaw in the Laws of nature? It is hard to get convinced that there are loopholes in the Laws of nature, especially when one sees the impeccable Nature working in a synchronized manner and everything happening with full logic to support it. We do not have to interfere with our involuntary muscles; they work with such natural coordination. The solar system also works with the way it should work. If Nature is a perfectionist in creating other things perfectly then how can it blunder with the Laws? The flaw is in our understanding of the Nature. If we understand happenings of Nature we call it Science and when it is beyond our understanding we either ignore it or call it magic.

Therefore we are all creators of our destiny and hence it is improper on our part to blame God or Nature or our friends, foes, neighbor's etc for our circumstances. You are as much as a child of God as anybody else and how can God be biased with his children's? I am sure He is not.

In today's world majority of people blame God for their failures and sufferings. They firmly believe in luck, fate, destiny etc. They even curse God for their sufferings. But do you really think that there is something as fate or destiny? We will analyze it through this article. I will not only say that there is nothing as luck but I will go one step further by stating that there is nothing as fate or destiny too, or nothing is predestined as many people think it is so.

If a person (soul) is suffering in life i.e. it is surrounded by tension, ill health, failure, bankruptcy etc, or is living a successful, happy, wealthy life having everything what he desires for. And if he is destined to live as he is presently living, there has to be some logic behind this, as everything in this world is based on logic and intelligence. That is why there is reason behind every muscle whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Everything has a function and that is based on logic. That is why we see everything happening in this world with perfection. We don't hear that today one planet has overtaken the other planet or planets changing their orbits.

As I can understand, one logic can be that that there is no logic. Surprised, by this I mean that if we assume that all our births, our struggles, our success and failures have been at the mercy of God. This means that whatever we have so far got or will get further in life have been created by God and has made us all puppets in his hands and is playing with us all the time as per his convenience and pleasure, without us really doing anything independently. As the word Destiny means that the things will already happen the way they are supposed to happen. If that is so, then my next question is what is God getting out of this, when he destines a soul to be rich or poor, happy or sad, succeed or fail etc, etc without soul deserving it. Think what is He getting from all this, where and whenever he wants he punishes the soul and whenever he wants he rewards the soul and that too the soul not having to perform any action (karma) or deserve anything whether good or bad. This clearly means God is biased, he is partial and moody as whenever and whichever way he wants he treats the soul accordingly.

We can still have another logic to address to which apparently is more convincing. Some people believe that our present life is destined as per our previous actions. They say the actions performed in the previous birth, the result of those actions whether good or bad have been destined in this birth. If you ponder over this also, my question to you would be, ‘How do we know that whatever we are doing is the result of our previous actions or this birth is given to us to perform actions (karma) and the next birth would be destined'. As a believer of destiny that means you will not be performing actions in your present life. How do you and I know, that the present birth has been given to us to perform actions or just have results over our previous birth?

Nature or God whatever you may call it, who is running this world so perfectly and impeccably, how can he make such a blunder. At least I cannot digest this. That Nature has given mind and intelligence to us to understand everything except that whether this life has been given to man to perform actions or is he there to redeem the fruit of actions of previous birth. This whole thing I am sure you would agree is contradicting. I can assure you that nothing in this world is contradicting or is coincidence or luck. I would like you to read this again and again till the time you are able to comprehend these self-created complicated theories of some fellow-human beings. If you can understand this you will know and recognizing your purpose of life that will further get you closer to peace and happiness that everyone strives for. As in Bhagvad Gita Lord Has clearly said

This above text clearly proves that God is impartial. Therefore God is not dictating on you anything as per his wishes. He is simply observing each one of you and accordingly awarding the soul. He is detached and beyond material activities. In text 29 he talks about devotion but devotion does not mean that you become saint and leave your family and friends. You can show your devotion by dong your prescribed duties towards your family and work. In Bhagvad Gita Lord has said that if you do not perform your duties, you will incur sin. In Text 5 Lord has clearly said that he does not create any situation for anybody, we do it as individuals.

Therefore make and feel yourself responsible for your own act. Don't just conveniently put the blame on God. “You get what you deserve and not what you want”. Tell yourself you are a child of God and god has nothing against you. Start taking initiative and overcome fears that are the obstacles of life. Have faith in God and his Laws.




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