Follow your Instincts

                                                        By Kapil Kakar

What should I do? What should I become? How can I be Successful? How can I make Money? How can I leave my name behind in this world? These questions though seemingly small haunt every child right from the childhood as they have a very deep hidden meaning about life, which is unexplored, and carry maximum impact to start with when a child is in Class X. This is the first major decision making phase in a child's career as he starts giving direction and focus to his career by choosing a particular stream. The next major phase that pressurizes him is when he enters class XII (though the pressure starts coming on him immediately after Xth). He with his parents tends to visit counselors and educationalist seeking their assistance on choosing his career. The purpose of the visit is also to know which field today or in near future has a chance to grow. (This is like going to a broker and asking him which share today or in near future he anticipates to excel). But more often than not we tend to not understand the answer is lying within us and not outside us. And fortunately this is what counselors and educationist try to explain to child today that is to choose a career with which he has interest and are comfortable and confident about. After all every career has got successful people. IN CH III TEXT (33) OF BHAGVAD GITA LORD SAYS: “ALL PEOPLE ARE SUBJECT TO THE LAW OF NATURE. EVEN A WISE MAN ACTS ACCORDING TO HIS NATURE, WHICH HE HAS ACQUIRED FROM THE THREE MODES. WHAT CAN REPRESSION ACCOMPLISH”. Hence hy do you want to repress your natural abilities.

Have you ever thought about why is it God has not made us identical? Our physical appearances, the way we talk and behave, the way we think, our apparent intelligence levels are all different. Similarly we all have natural likes and dislikes, whether it is about choosing friends, enemies or food. This clearly tells us that we are all born with our unique special natural characteristics but is does not mean it in all possibility always may not continue to remain unique as we have external factors influencing us. In others words to maintain its uniqueness we have to preserve it by working on it and not ignoring it.

But most of the time or 95% of the students easily give away their uniqueness by not following their own natural instincts, by getting influenced with the thoughts of others, desire of parents or the money and glamour involved in a particular field. And this triggers chaos in their lives. Chaos because they are trying to show their dexterity on one thing with which they are not naturally comfortable and interested. And the result is they fail than succeed most of the time, they loose than win and they are ignored than appreciated. IN CH=III TEXT (35 OF BHAGVAD GITA) LORD SAYS: “IT IS BETTER TO DISCHARGE ONE'S PRESCRIBED DUTIES, EVEN THOUGH FAULTILY, THAN ANOTHERS DUTY PERFECTLY. DESTRUCTION IN THE COURSE OF PERFORMING ONE'S DUTY IS BETTER THAN ENGAGING IN ANOTHERS DUTY, FOR TO FOLLOW ANOTHER'S PATH IS DANGEROUS”.


As a child if your natural interest has been in books or sketching and by force if you are compelled to hold a bat or tennis racket in your hands just because there is lot of money involved in it, do you think you will be able to excel in cricket or tennis. The answer is a Big NO because there are others who unlike you will take up cricket or tennis naturally because they like and are interested in it and hence will get a head start. The result will be they will be better players than you as they have more interest and more passion to excel than what you have.

Off-lately it has been seen that if a child has a liking for Commerce stream or for science stream like mechanical Engineering which has little to do with Information Technology Industry or Bio-Technology still the parents, relatives and friends insists on child to join the aforesaid professions at the cost of the profession he is good at? Do you seriously think the child will excel? Think about it.




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