The Ingredients of success- PRICECARO

                                                                By Kapil Kakar

These are some of the very important and indispensable traits which any successful man will possess. If all these factors imbibed in one's personality collectively (not leaving any single one of them) can put an end to any turmoil and peril, no matter how grave it might sound or look.

Purposeful Thinking - Thinking with purpose is the key and in the right perspective. This does not happen if your mind controls you, however when you start controlling your mind, purposeful thinking can never go out your system. Even if you don't have a purpose at a given point of time, create the purpose by thinking of doing something satisfying. Brooding is a purposeless thinking which takes us towards failure. Therefore, purposeful thinking is must and it can be created by consciously observing one's thoughts closely and brainstorming on it. Remember one purposeful thought leads to another purposeful thought. If one's thinking is with right purpose and good intention, one will find unbelievable circumstances and situations being created for self by the infinite.

Resilience - Even Thomas Edison failed Ten Thousand times before his electrical innovation; however, he never said he failed. He said he learnt ten thousand ways a thing just won't work. He further added he would have failed the day he would have said I cannot do it any more, and I QUIT. Being resilient helps you to bounce back especially when you THINK are down and out. It helps you get back into the game when others would think the game is over for them.

Initiative - Each time initiative you take no matter what the world thinks of it, remember your initiative has given you one more learning experience. Moreover, it is also taking you one step forward towards your objective. Therefore, never shy from taking initiatives, especially when your mind and body are stimulating you towards it. Even if you are introvert especially at work you need to consciously develop a habit of taking initiatives. After all the world never knew anything about those who forgot to take initiative, unless and until someone took initiative on their behalf and promoted them.

Competence - It is very important to know what you want to know and what you are going to do with your actions. If you are incompetent, you would know deep inside that you are incompetent, and this will ensue negativism and fear paralyzing you even before you have taken the first step towards your work. Therefore, read and research a lot in your field as this will not only raise your competence level but also give you confidence. After all Henry Ford never got a formal education but in the field of mechanics he was as competent as anyone else.

Empathy - Be always with self. First you need to be sensitive to yourself then only you can be sensitive towards others. Therefore, introspect; question your thoughts, feelings and behavior. Also respect the other's feelings. Respecting does not necessarily mean agreeing with others feelings. Look from the other's point of you also and strive for a win -win situation. Empathy would mean wearing other's shoes and see where they pinch. Therefore, do not impose your views without patiently listening and understanding to what the other has to put across.

Confidence - Whatever you do, do it with conviction. We are not only talking about the overt confidence level that one may show around but are looking at both the overt and covert confidence in what one feels, thinks, acts and breathes. One can measure his or her confidence level by assessing his answers to the question thrown at them. Incase one does not find some one to ask questions, one can certainly mock it by asking what his critics would have asked him/ her. This mock anticipatory questioning is what all great salesman exercise before meeting the real customers.

Adaptability - We all create and possess a comfort zone for self. However, when our mind controls us, the comfort zone is identified by our mood swings rather then the real comfort zone which we have identified for ourselves. Therefore, we not only need to see that our mood swings do not influence our comfort zone but we need to keep expanding our comfort zone. This will help us adapt ourselves to any given situations, which will further enable us to be more flexible and not dogmatic in life. One can Increase his comfort Zone and be more adaptable by regularly pushing himself in situations wherein he is no mood to adapt. E.g. - Missing serial episode or switching off the Television set when the serial is in its climax or not watching the cricket match.

Rapport - Any organization will talk about internal and the external customers. Internal customers are those who are working with you in the organization may be as your seniors, subordinates, colleagues. External customers are the people who you cater to through your product and services. It is imperative to have a good rapport not only with the external customers but also with the internal customers who are also evaluating your performance in terms of desirable behavior. Therefore, we need to ensure that we enjoy good rapport with every one and incase we dislike someone we should not have a hostile behavior towards him/her. Surely, you would like to be with people, who are positive, pleasant and caring, similarly, if you are like them everyone would like to be with you.

Optimism - Last but certainly not least trait that an individual should always show is optimism. We need to be positively hopeful and optimistic that things would further change in our favor. Also be pragmatically optimistic that result Nature would bestow on you would invariably be what you deserve and not what you desire. Remember, Pessimism stops us from acting and takes us to brooding; however, optimism makes us act, act and act. And Success belongs to people who ACT.




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